The Company


The Worldwide Leader in Property Acquisitions and Leasing in the Emerging Cannabis Arena.


Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. is focused on acquiring and developing legally compliant locations for the purpose of leasing to licensed operators engaged in the cannabis business.

We profit from the lease payments of our real estate holdings and from the sale of our branded, non-cannabis products.

Finding, acquiring and leasing locations that are both geographically desirable (good neighborhoods, visible locations, architecturally beautiful buildings, ample parking, etc.) and legally-compliant (properly distant from schools, parks, churches, etc.) is a complicated business – one that we have mastered by assembling a world class leadership team, board of directors and advisory panel.

Being first is more important than being best. Thankfully, Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. has mastered both. We’re #1 ranked for the search term “premium marijuana” and we’ve already secured valuable locations.

Visit our News & Press page to read and stream coverage of our company from the top media outlets, including CNN, Rolling Stone and FOX News.


1. Grow Marijuana.

2. Process Marijuana.

3. Sell Marijuana.

4. Profit directly from the sale of Marijuana.

Our tenants are stand-alone, independent businesses. Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. has no ownership in them. Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. has executed merger agreements with some of its tenants whereby it has the option to acquire the tenants business if and when it becomes legal to do so. There is no guarantee the options will be exercised.


  • Ron Throgmartin
    Ron ThrogmartinCEO & Board Member

    Ron Throgmartin joined as CEO and member of the Board of Directors of Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc. in August 2013.

  • Christopher Strachan
    Christopher StrachanCFO

    Christopher Strachan, has recently been appointed as the Company’s new Chief Financial Officer.

  • Nello Gonfiantini III
    Nello Gonfiantini IIIVice President, Real Estate

    Nello Gonfiantini III joined Diego Pellicer Worldwide as a consultant in May 2016.  In February 2017, Mr. Gonfiantini became Vice President, Real Estate.

  • Joseph J. Tomasek
    Joseph J. TomasekGeneral Counsel

    Joseph J. Tomasek, Esq. joined the Company as General Counsel in June, 2016, and is responsible for corporate compliance and securities law matters.

  • John Davis
    John DavisPresident, Prima

    John Davis is the CEO of Northwest Patient Resource Centers (considered by many to be the model for cannabis dispensaries).

  • Dr. Robert Epstein
    Dr. Robert EpsteinAdvisor

    Dr. Robert Epstein,former USDA COO, has expertise is Science, Systems; Testing and Safety offering Diego enormous amount of experience and credibility in the marketplace.

  • Dr. Michael Osborne
    Dr. Michael OsborneAdvisor

    Dr. Osborne has published and presented over 300 papers, chapters and articles, edited or co-authored four books and is a fellow of both the Royal College of Surgeons of England and the American College of Surgeons.

  • Greg Reid
    Greg ReidMarketing and Branding

    Greg Reid specializes in the development of unusual and large scale rollout projects. Handles Microsoft X-Box LIVE, Nintendo, Wii, Neiman Marcus, and other major clients.

  • John Fink
    John FinkMarketing and Branding

    John Fink, Board Advisor, owns JVI, Inc., which handles a cadre of marquee clients including Davidoff, Dilettante Chocolates, U.S. Mint, etc..

  • Greg Quist
    Greg QuistMarketing and Branding

    Greg Quist has been in the design business for over a quarter of a century.