Pot farmer says industry in state is unbalanced, with oversupply of marijuana


SEATTLE — For pot smokers, prices may be a reason to smile.

Since legalization, prices have dipped every single month.

Statewide a gram of pot is now about $7 on average compared to $20 in 2014 when the first pot stores opened.

“My brother is visiting from Miami and we are doing some marijuana tourism,” said one consumer.

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Light Up The Holiday Season With Premium Gifts For The Cannabis Connoisseur

Make it merry with marijuana from Diego Pellicer stores in Washington and Colorado

SEATTLE and DENVERDec. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Santa has a little something extra in his sleigh for adults on his “nice” list in Washington and Colorado. Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc., the premium marijuana brand and retail development company, reveals its 2017 outstanding marijuana holiday gifts from Diego Pellicer stores.

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Finally, Someone’s Prioritizing the Female Orgasm And It’s Big Marijuana

Finally, Someone’s Prioritizing the Female Orgasm And It’s Big Marijuana

September 5, 2017
by Cora Boyd

It’s 4pm, and I’m on a date in a Fremont brewery in Seattle.  Our conversation has just taken a turn for the intimate as we start talking occupation; I work as a matchmaker in the dating industry, and my date works as a salesman in the legal marijuana industry. At the axis of marijuana and romance, we’re discussing the merits of weed-infused personal lubricant.

“You should try it out,” my date offers, as if he were recommending a burrito place.

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Welcome to Diego Pellicer, where you can find $420 cannabis cigars and other high-end pot products

By Jean-Sun Ahn
September 01, 2017 09:45 AM EDT

Diego Pellicer (pronounced pey-ser) is probably the fanciest pot shop you have ever seen.

There are two locations, one in Colorado and another in Seattle, Washington, which has been open for less than a year but it’s always bustling with regulars and tourists. In addition to its luxurious appearance, the shop boasts the highest-quality cannabis.


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Inaugural 2017 Cannabis Trend Report

Cannabis Trend Report: How Marijuana Will Continue to Disrupt 2017
By Civilized Staff
Jul 25, 2017

Over the next few years we will continue to see great advances in the industry as more states approve legal cannabis use. North America should continue to see increased sales volumes, more scientific research, new products and expanding investor interest.

The caveat is that the industry still faces headwinds from inconsistent and unsettled federal and state regulations and the continued classification of cannabis as a Class 1 narcotic. This ongoing dispute stems from cannabis’ special political, social and legal role as a disruptive plant to established industries producing essential consumer items such as paper, plastics, medicine and clothing. But thanks to grassroots activism at the state level, the cannabis industry should continue to make advancements that benefit its patients, consumers and the overall industry well past 2017. Now, onto the report…

Look for More Luxury Cannabis Brands

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Diego Pellicer: Creating Affordable Luxury in Washington’s Cannabis Space

Diego Pellicer: Creating Affordable Luxury in Washington’s Cannabis Space

 TG Branfalt

Alejandro Canto and Jesse Leach are, respectively, the owner and general manager of Diego Pellicer in Washington. Diego Pellicer is a retail cannabis location in Seattle licensed under Washington’s adult-use, I-502 cannabis market.

In this podcast interview, Alejandro and Jesse join our host TG Branfalt to talk about the spirit of entrepreneurialism, the planning and execution of a powerful brand identity, creating customer satisfaction in a cannabis retailer position, how rare and luxury offerings can drum up excitement among consumers, and more.

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The Spark: Watch Cannabis Inspire Rey Jaffet’s Massive ‘Strength of Strains’ Mural

The Spark: Watch Cannabis Inspire Rey Jaffet’s Massive ‘Strength of Strains’ Mural

July 5, 2017

Art requires patience, passion, and talent—and when an artist brings cannabis into the mix, magical things can happen. Miami native Rey Jaffet is one muralist adept at incorporating cannabis and artistic creation. He showcases his magic on colossal canvases, filling the sides of buildings and structures with bold strokes and pops of color, evoking an array of emotions from those lucky enough to view his pieces up close. He’s also a dedicated consumer of cannabis, citing it as a consistent source of inspiration.

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7 of the Best-Designed Marijuana Shops Across America

7 of the Best-Designed Marijuana Shops Across America
It was inevitable that high design would find its way into a booming cannabis industry
By Nick Mafi
April 18, 2017

With each passing year, it seems the societal taboos around marijuana are slowly fading into thin air. Consider, for example, the following fact: According to a recent Gallup Poll, support for cannabis legalization in the U.S. is up to 60 percent—an all-time high. What’s more, 28 states and the District of Columbia have recently legalized medical marijuana. With that, of course, comes the potential windfall of new business for cannabis growers and sellers. Yet, there’s another group that should be added to the list of those who will benefit from this, and it’s not who you’d first come to expect: architects and interior designers. Naturally, as the industry grows, and competition stiffens, each company will look for an edge to bring in more patrons. And that includes smartly designed spaces. Although the industry is still in its early stages, AD surveys seven of the best-designed marijuana shops across America.

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Need a Weed-cation? These are the top travel spots for tokers


April 10, 2017

By Nick Dimengo

Smoking marijuana might not be for everyone, but, for those who frequent the practice, it’s one of those things that you can never have enough info on.

In the past, we’ve given you tips about things like cooking with weed, how to handle your edibles and how the stuff affects sex.

With spring and summer coming up, we figured it’d be useful to speak with some cannabis industry experts to figure out where vacationing with weed is ideal, with them telling us the best spots for tokers to visit.

  • “California has always had cannabis as part of its draw, but Denver was where the first true flood of tourism around a regulated cannabis experience began. There are some incredible companies built around promoting the professional and socially motivated side of cannabis while combining it with a truly enjoyable Denver experience. There is also a picturesque city on the Caribbean coast of Mexico that many cannabis industry leaders retreat to; but it’s not my place to blow up their spot!” — Michael Bologna, CEO of Green Lion Partners
  • “We expect recreational cannabis to be legal across Canada as early as next summer. Once legalization is in full swing, it will be exciting to see what kinds of cannabis-specific attractions take root, but Canada is already an incredible tourist destination, so legalization is really just a bonus. Legislation will apply to the entire country, so for now, cannabis enthusiasts can plan their destination based on other interests, choosing Vancouver for its incredible nature and scenery, Toronto for its summer festivals and multiculturalism, or Montreal for its nightlife and food.” — Devon Scoble, Content and Lifestyle Editor at Lift
  • “Barcelona in the early spring to avoid the onslaught of tourists; Amsterdam for King’s Day (the streets are rammed but the energy is infectious); Toronto in early fall – the lakes are still warm, the trees just start changing colours and who doesn’t love a good campfire story? California and Colorado any time of the year and South Africa in spring or fall, unless you are a sun baby.” — Lisa Harun, Co-Founder at Vapium
  • “Running a startup public company with 35 employees doesn’t leave a lot of leisure time. But when I can get away, I do love to spend a quick weekend on the Oregon coast in historic Newport, a wonderful seaside town on Highway 101. The crashing waves and beautiful sandy beaches are a great getaway from the day to day grind.” — William Waldrop, CEO of Signal Bay, Inc.(OTCMKTS: SGBY)
  • “From my perspective, Seattle is one of the best cities in the U.S. that a cannabis user could take a vacation to, if not the best. Between the high number of legal, recreational cannabis dispensaries, to large numbers of coffee shops, to numerous forms of relaxing entertainment (think space needle), it provides a perfect environment for the typical consumer.” — Alex Canto, COO/Owner of Diego Pellicer, Washington

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