The New Billion Dollar Industry: Inside Diego Pellicer (OTCQB: DPWW)

Published on Jul 6, 2016
Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc. (@OTCQB: $DPWW) is a real estate and a consumer retail development company that is focused on developing Diego Pellicer as the world’s first “premium” marijuana brand by adhering to the highest quality and standards for its facilities along with both cannabis and non-cannabis products. The company’s initial focus is to acquire and develop legally compliant real estate locations for the purposes of leasing them to state licensed companies in the cannabis industry. Diego does not grow or sell marijuana or marijuana infused products in the early stages of the plan.

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Since its progressive legalization in the US, it is the rush grass. Former small dealers multiply their investment by 20. These growth rates have pissed the finance sharks, too, want their share of a huge market. Douglas Anderson, a businessman from Wall Street, wants to create the Starbucks of marijuana.

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The Cannabis Market Reaches New Heights

It is a rare opportunity when a market that is potentially worth hundreds of billions of dollars is virtually untouched by large companies. While the number of states where the growth and sales of Cannabis products remains limited, the majority of the population in the United States approves the end of federal marijuana prohibition nationwide. For now, in states where cannabis is a legitimate and legal product, sales are through the roof.

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